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Motion Review Guide

Motion Review Guide Answers

WAVES Review guide

Answers to the WAVES Review Guide


Rotation # 12 1/16 - 1/24

Class 50 Special Schedule

Periods 2,3,4,5,6,7

Go over Momentum Quiz with Teacher Answers

Go Over Questions from the WAVES Review guide

HW: Complete Motion Review Guide and Print Forces Review Guide

Class 51

Go Over

Motion Review Guide and Print Forces Review Guide

HW: Complete Forces Review Guide


Rotation #11 1/5

Class 46 Tues Per 3,7 Wed Per 2,4

Pendulum Lab and Question forming exercise finish procedure and data table

Class 47 Wed Per 7, Thu Per 3 Fri Per 2,4

finish Pendulum Lab with Teacher Notes

Study guides for each unit other than momentum see above

Class 48

Go overUnderstanding Car Crashes with video: (Teacher answers )

Go Over Conceptual Physics: Momentum and Teacher answers

HW: Read and take Cornell Notes on Nature of Energy p128-133 SC 1-7

HW: Study for Practice Momentum quiz

Class 49

go Over Nature of Energy p128-133 SC 1-7 (Teacher Answers)

Go Over Pendulum Lab(teacher answers)

Practice Momentum Quiz


HW: Print and Complete WAVES Review guide

HW: Print Motion Review Guide and bring to class a blank copy

Rotation #10 12/11

Class 41Wed 12/11 Per 3,7Thur 12/12 Per 2 ,4

Forces Unit Test

CW:HW Cornell Notes on p113-117 and answer SC 1-6

Class 42: Thur 12/12: Per 7, Fri 12/13 Per 3, Mon 12/16 Per 2,4

Momentum and Football video

Collisions and Conservation of Momentum Activity uses this Collision website

Egg Toss Contest

HW: Momentum Practice Problems ODDS

Class 43: Mon 12/16 Period 7, Tues 12/17 Per 3,4

Myth Busters: Car Collision and teacher notes.

Momentum Bashing Lab

CW/HW (if needed) Conservation of Momentum and Collision Worksheet

Momentum Lecture Guide and teacher notes

Class 44: Wed 12/18 Per 3,7, Thur 12/19 Per 2,4

check and go over answers for Conservation of Momentum and Collision Worksheet

CW:Momentum of Colliding Objects Lab

finishMomentum Lecture Guide and teacher notes

Egg TOSS activity ?

HW: Conceptual Physics: Momentum



Class 45:

Understanding Car Crashes watch the video: (Teacher answers )



Rotation #9: 11/23- 12/10

Class 37 Mon 12/2 Per 3,7 Tues 12/3 Per 2,4

Terminal Velocity Lab finish

teaches notes and data for Velocity Lab

Newton's 2nd law lectrue part 2: Weightlessness (teacher notes)

HW: EN 30 Universal Gravitation Law bottom half of 1st page

HW: Finsih the back questions on Terminal Velocity Lab

UNIT TEST Per 3,7 Wed 12/11Per 2,4 Thur 12/11


Class 38 Tues 12/3 Per 7 Wed 12/4 Per 3 Thurs 12/5 Per 2,4

go over Terminal Velocity Lab and EN 30 Universal Gravitation Law

Free Fall worksheet

HANG TIME LAB and teacher notes and data

HW: Conceptual PhyProjectile Motion Wk

Class 39 Thur 12/5 Per 7 Fri Per 3,4 12/6 Mon Per 2

Conceptual PhyProjectile Motion Wk review

Concep Projectile Motion teacher answer

finish HANG TIME LAB and teacher notes and data

HW: Nerf Gun Science Lab finish lab and graph!

HW: complete Forces Review Guide #1-47

Class 40 Mon Per 3,7 Tues Per 2,4

Nerf Gun Journal entry

Nerf Gun Journal Teacher version

3rd law lecture

3rd law lecture Teacher notes

3rd Law CFU

3rd Law CFU teacher

Review Student Handout: Newton's 2nd law answers

HW: complete Forces Review Guide #till the end

ANSWERS to Forces Review Guide

Rotation #8 Novemeber 11/12 - 11/20

Class 32: Tues 11/12 Per 3, 7 Wed 11/13 Per 2,4

Warmup: Draw a free body diagram showing the following scenarios: a) an object moving at a constant velocity b) An object resisting a force and not moving c) An object speeding up

1. Catch up from sub

Myth Busters

2. Friction Lab (Mu Shoe Lab) due typed by Class 34 Per 7 Fri Per 3 and 4 Mon 11/18and Per 2 Tues 11/19. Include your rough drafts!

FRICTION LECTURE (teacher version)

HW: Mu Shoe Lab work on first draft to bring to next class for editing then Final draft is due Class 34 see above dates.

Wrapup: Draw a fPT and VT graph for the following scenarios: a) an object moving at a constant velocity b) An object resisting a force and not moving c) An object speeding up


Class 33  Wed 11/13 Per 7  Thur 11/14 Per Per 3 Fri 11/15 Per 2,4

WUP: Class 33


  1. Go over Newtons 1st law Part 2 CFU (answers) if needed
  2. FRICTION LECTURE (teacher version)
  3. Coefficient of Friction Activity
  4. Go over 1st draft of Mu Shoe Lab


HW: 1. Final draft of Mu Shoe Lab in word doc printed! Due next class stapled to rough draft

2. Finish graph, trends and conclusion for Coefficient of Friction Activity if needed


Class 34 Fri Per 7 Mon Per 2,3 Tues Per 4


Mu Shoe Lab

Newton's Second Law Lecture: answers

Hot Wheels Track

Free Fall animation

Free Fall animation with Air Resistance

CW: ELEVATOR LAB we will finish next class

CW/HW: EN 22 Newton's 2nd Law Problems ODDS ONLY

CW/HW: EN 20 2nd Law CFU

Class 35 Tues 11/19Per 3Per 7 Wed Per 2,4 11/20


Check off and go over HW


CW/HW: ELEVATOR LAB finish in class

HW: Cornell Notes p104-111 Sc 1-8 on Gravity



CLASS 36 SPECIAL SCHEDULE Thurs Per 3,7 11/21 and Fri Per 2,4 11/22

Turn in ELEVATOR LAB and check off notes

Terminal Velocity Lab

Termial Velocty Lab teacher notes and data: use if your were absent

No Hw as long as graph and the back of page 1 of lab is done.



Rotation #7

Class 28 Wed Per 3 and 7 10/30 Per 2 and 4 10/31

Warmup List all the forces you can think of. Then count them up.


Go over and correct Ramp Lab and then turn in.

Get new packets and new WUPS

CW/HW Cornell Notes p98-101 and SC 1-5 on p 102

Begin: 1st Law Activities part 1

WUP: Draw and explain why your 4 washers acted that way. Try a free body diagram

Class 29: Thur 10/31 Per 7 Mon 11/4 Per 3 Tues 11/5 Per 2 and 4

Warmup: a) A feather rests on a strong, solid oak table. Does the table exert any forces on the feather? B) I lean on a sold cement wall, Does it exert forces on me? C) What force causes a ball to bounce?

1st Law Lecture student

1st Law Lecture teacher

do another1st Law Activities part 2

WUP: A little girl sits on a skateboard and her friend pulls her with a constant force. Describe the motion of the girl. 

HW: EN 7 1st Law Problems ODDS 

Class 30 Tues Per 7 11/5; Wed Per 3,4 11/6 Thur Per 2 11/7

Warm-up: an ice skater coasts to a stop, a marble rolls across the table and comes to rest, a boy in the back of a truck stays still while the truck accelerates, a skydiver reaches terminal velocity. What force is responsible for the above?

CW: Check and go over 1st Law Problems ODDS (answers)

hitting a target like activity #2

CW: 1st Law Activities part 3, turn in

CW: Cornell Notes p82-86 SC 1-7

Wrap-up::none today

HW: Bring in some shoes with awesome grid for a lab

Class 31 : Thurs Per 3,7 and Fri Per 2,4 Warmup for Class 30 and 31


1. Check and Go over Self Check Friction p86 SC 1-7 (answers)

2. Complete EN 11 Directed Reading for forces and have checked off (answers pg 1 and pg 2)

3. EN 12 Newtons 1st Law Part 2 CFU (answers)

Wrapup: Free body diagram on board and solve for forces.

CW/HW: Lab group decide what shoes to bring to evaluate the relative effectivenss of shoes in providing friction.


Rotation #6 Oct 15 Tues - Fri Oct 18th special schedule and through to Oct 29th

Class 22 Tus 10/15 Per 3 Wed 10/16 Per 2,4,6

Warmup: discuss evacution drill

Bowling Ball Lab

Motion Quiz

HW: Cornell Notes: Acceleration p76-80 SC 1-7



Class 23: Thur 10/17 per 3, Fri 10/18 Per 2,4,6 CA SHAKEOUT

Warmup: What one word describes the slope of a V-T graph.

go over Acceleration p76-80 SC 1-7

Eureka Inertia video

Eureka Acceleration 1 Video

Acceleration and VT Graphs lecture:

Video VT graph part 1

CW 1 and 2:Graphical Analysis of Motion

HW: Part 2 :Graphical Analysis of Motion

Class 24: Mon 10/21 Per 3,7

Warmup: How is it possible to have negative acceleration and be speeding up? Explain and graph

finish and go over: :Graphical Analysis of Motion

The Need for Speed

CW and HW: Acceleration worksheet #1-13 odd per 2 1-7 odd

Class 25 Tues Per 7 Wed Per

go over: Acceleration worksheet

CW: CFU V-T graphs: Acceleration problems

CW/HW: Acceleration Reinforcement

Pass back papers

Class 26

Warmup: go over Acceleration Reinforcement

Ramp Lab

Motion Extra Practice

Motion Extra Practice Answers

Motion Review Guide

Motion Review Guide Answers

Class 27

Unit Test

Mon 28 Per3,7

Tues Per 2,4

HW: Clean out binder except for the Ramp lab and EN1.

HW: Complete the Ramp Lab use graph paper and make large!

Rotation #5 Oct 3 Thur - Oct 11 Fri

Class 18 Warmup: an ariplane takes off from a moving air carrier. Compare the speed of the plane to the water, carrier and wind.

Pass Back Papers and go over TEST CORRECTIONS


Adding Vectorsgo over #2 and do #3 for HW

Constructing Particle Model : Part II and III and finish the lab

Wrapup: What is an independent variable? The manipulated one or the one "I" control. What is the Dependent variable? The responding or the DATA

Mrs C grows two plants in 2 identical rooms with the same water, light,soil etc....oone plant grew 5 cm in a week wiht ACDC and the other grew 20 cm with the Beastie Boys. Identify the IV and the DV . Draw a graph of the axis.


Class 19 Mon Per 3 Fri Per 7 Tues Per 2,4

Warmup: Adding Vector go over #3

Describing Motion with diagrams lecture

CW/HW: CFU : Motion Diagrams

PT Graphs lecture Guide begin

Wraup up: Practice slope


Class 20 Tues Per 7 Wed 10/9 Per 3,4 Thur Per 2

Warmup: draw a diagram of an object with constant speed and changing velocity.

PT Graphs lecture Guide

Position vs Time Graphs Lab

Motion Quiz CLASS 22

CW and HW: CFU PT Graphs and go over in detail


Class 21: Per 3,7 Thru 10/10 Fri Per 2,4 Fri 10/11

Warmup: Practice calculating slope

Go Over CFU PT Graphs

Match the Graph Lab

Warmup: More PT graph practice.

E: Study for Motion Quiz CLASS 22 Entries 1-13. Particle diagrams, vectors, parallelograms, speed problems, river boat problems and PT graphs.


Rotation #4 Tues 9.24 - Oct 2

Class 14 Tues Per 3, 7 Wed Per 2, 4


Turn in Review Guide and any LATE work.


CW/HW: Cornell Notes on Motion p70-75 and all SCQ 1-7

HW: Clean out Waves Unit from Binder and keep in safe plae at home for the final in Jan. Keep EN 1 in your binder.

Class 15 Wed : Per 7, Thurs Per 3 Fri Per 2,4

Warm up: How would you describe motion?

Measuring Speed Lab

Wrapup: List 3 things you needed to change in your original procedure to make the experiment more accurate.

HW: Write on a separate sheet of paper a neat data table for your experiment and a worthy procedure.

Class 16 Fri 9/27 Per 7, Mon 9/30 Per 3,4 Tues Per 2 Oct 1

Warm up: What is the difference between distance and displacment?

go over Motion p70-75 and all SCQ 1-7

HWfinish Measuring Speed Lab

Motion Notes

HWVector and Parallogram Rules front side only

Wrapup: Is it possible to have a larger displacement than distance?

Class 17

Warm up: Ariplane warmup: A plane is flying North and hits a cross wind at 90 degrees. What is the resultan speed when compared to flying in still air? the same, faster or slower. Show work: parllelogram or pythagorean

go over: Vector and Parallogram Rules

Adding Vectors only #2

Constructing Particle Model : Part 1

Wrapup: none


Rotation #3

Class 9

CLASS 14 UNIT TEST: WAVES Tues 9/24 Per3,7 Wed 9/25 Per 2,4

Wed 9/11 Per 3,7 Thur 9/12 Per 2,4

Warm up: How can you tell if two waves will add (constructive interference) or subtract (destructive interference) by looking at wave diagrams?

review Behavior of Waves with Waves overhead demos

Jog the Web: Waves

Doppler Activity

CW: Wave Practice Q's first page in class for HW 12,13,15,16,18,

Wrapup: Slinky Drop Prediction

Class 10

Per 3 and 7 Fri 9/13, Per 2 and 4 Mon 9/16

Warm up: find out if our prediction was coorect and why Slinky Drop Prediction

POP Quiz on EM Notes

Go over Wave Practice Q's and Doppler Activity

Light and EM Radiation lecture

EM lecture with salts demo and e- excitation animations
Different colors have different energies

Wrap: none

HW: What Causes Light? type answers in complete sentences

Class 11 Per 7 Mon 9/16, Tues Per 3, Wed 9/18 Per 2 and 4

Warm up: Compare Red and Blue Light in terms of wavelength, frequency, energy and velocity.

Go over and turn in What Causes Light?

Observing Bright Line Spectra due EOP

Wrapup: What substance causes the most refraction? Refraction video

HW: Notes pages 836-839 and SCQ

Class 12

Warm up: How is Light generated? What is color?

EM Spectrum worksheet

Universe Lecture  with red shift/blue shift

Teacher ppt for Universe lecture

Doppler Animation

Website to practice identifying spectra

Evidence for Expanding Universe Lab

Nova Now: Detecting Life on Other Planets

HW: Wrap: Observe the H spectrum on the board or here Draw a spectrum (H) and then show what it might look like it the source was moving toward you.

HW: Review guide 1st page front and back

Elements Forged in Stars video

CLASS 14 UNIT TEST: WAVES tues 9/24 Per3,7 9/25 Per 1,4

Class 13

Warmup: Watch the video: What criticial role did the stars have in making the elements?

Discussion Questions

  • How does a star get its energy to glow?
  • What elements make up young stars?
  • What causes a star to become a supernova?
  • Why do you think it takes a tremendous amount of heat and pressure to create helium (and then carbon, etc.)?
  • What could you infer about the age of a star if you were to find evidence of iron being present?

HW: Review and complete the Waves Unit Review Guide due NP

Answers to the Review Guide

Remember LATE WORK ACCEPTED up to right before the test!


Rotation #2: Fri Aug 30-Tues Sept 10

Class 5

Period 3,7 on Fri 8/30 Period 2,4 on Tues 9/3

Warm up: a) What are two synonyms for sound wave intensity? b) draw what a sound wave would look like in the air if we could see it.


Check and go over Wave worksheet: 

Lecture Waves Part 2 on Sound

MIT tuning fork: resonance

resonance- voice breaks glass

Speed of Sound Lab

Wrap up: In air name one factor that can affect the speed of sound?

What sound wave characteristic is the equivalent of pitch?

HW: study for quiz and get organized

Class 6

Period 7 on Tues 9/3 Period 3 Wed 9/4 Period 2,4 Thur 9/5

Warm up: pitch = __________ (Hz) loudness = __________, __________


WAVE QUIZ and Binder/Supplies Check

finish Speed of Sound Lab

Begin Wineglass inquiry Lab

Wrapup: When will resonance occur?

HW: Finsih questions for Speed of Sound Lab

HW: Bring materials for inquiry lab

Class 7

Period 7 Thur 9/5 Period 2,4 Fri 9/6

Warm up: 3 glasses with diff amts water. Why do they make diff sounds?

Wineglass Inquiry Lab

HW: Cornell notes on Behavior of Waves p301-309

Class 8

Mon 9/9 Per 3,7 and Tues 9/10Per 2,4

Warm up: How do astrinauts communicate with each other if they are not both inside the shuttle?

Go over Wine Glass Inquiry Lab

Behavior of Waves Activity in the Library

HW: Use Online EM activity to take notes on the: EM spectrum worksheet





Rotation #1 Aug 21-29

Class 1

Per 3,7 on Wed 8/21 Per 2,4 on Thur 8/22

Warm up:
a) Give examples of things that travel in waves
b) write down three things you already know about waves


1. Pass out and Organize Unit in Binder

2. Go over Expectations

1. Box Activity

2. Slinky Lab Part 1 and 2

Wrap up: What are the 2 main types of waves?

HW: Waves Properties p294-299 And take Cornell Notes. Answer self check questions (SCQ) 1-5

get Contracts signed and supplies

Class 2

Per 7 on Thur 8/22; 2,4 on Mon 8/26 Period 3 Fri 8/23

Warm up:
a. Draw 2 waves and label wavelength and amplitude.
b. What else would you need to know in order to calculate the wave speed?

1. Complete Slinky Lab

2. Lecture: Waves

HW:  Anatomy of a Wave worksheet


Class 3:

Period 7 on Mon 8/26; Period 2,4 Mon 8/26 Period 3 Tues 8/27

Warm up: How can you mak a wave go faster. What else changes and what remains the same?

1. Go over Anatomy of a Wave worksheet

2. Making Waves Lab  with Part 2 on Poster Paper

HW: Homework: Read 320-326 and answer the self check questions.

Class 4

Period 3,7 Wed 8/28 Period 2,4 Thurs 8/29 

Warm up: Give 2 examples of each and say whether they are transverse or longitudinal
a)      Mechanical waves
b)      EM waves

1. Go over Sound notes

Finish Making Waves Lab and go over ALL DATA for all PERIODS to look for TRENDS and turn in

3. Finish wave lecture

HW: Wave worksheet: