Anatomy & Physiology Expectatations


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Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology.Expect this class to be challenging and rewarding. Over the course of the year, students will become proficient at using the microscope and performing gross dissection in the laboratory. This class is a college preparatory lab science which will prepare you for further study of the human body in college and therefore labs will constitute a large portion of class time. We will focus on the following systems: Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscle, Nervous, Cardiovascular and Circulatory, Endocrine, Digestion and Excretion. Forensics will be integrated into several of these units through labs and short readings. If any parents have expertise in any of these areas I would love to have guest speakers. Please contact me if you would like to participate.

MATERIALS: 1 box of dissection gloves, 1  binder with pocket front/back,   red, blue/black  ink pens, highlighter,  #2 pencils,  a large set of colored pencils, 1 pack of 100  4 x 6 un-ruled index cards, binder ring,The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson 3rd edition, ISBN: 0805350861. A lab CD Rom. Replacement cost of $15.

ATTENDANCE: Come to class on time and prepared to work.


TARDIES:If you are late 3 times, a detention will be assigned and you will lose one point from your average for every proceeding tardy.


BEHAVIOR: Be respectful.


                  Hand in all assignments.

                  It is your responsibility to keep track of any missing work.

                  See my web page and online grades to check.

                  Missing work should be turned in class after you return to be on time.

                  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, I expect it turned in when you return.

                  Missed Labs must be made up at lunch in my room with 2 school days.

                  Take all tests and quizzes the day you return.If you know you will miss a test ahead of time, contact me ASAP.

                  If you do not take the missed test or quiz before it is passed back, the next test score will replace the missing score.


Laboratory Safety

There will be a significant amount of laboratory work for this class. There are dangers associated with this.If you are acting inappropriately or ignoring safety rules I will do one or all of the following: ask you to see and administrator, assign a detention and take away all points for the lab.


Classwork and Homework:

        Classwork and Homework will be posted on the board and on my web page. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have items completed appropriately and on time.

        See the below example of the first week for A&P on my web page.


        Before you leave the classroom make sure to write assignments down in your planner.

        Homework is due in the turn in box at the beginning of the period.

        No Late homework is accepted.


Test Corrections:

        If you earn less than a 75% on a test, test corrections can be done.Half credit can be earned back for every correction done according to the directions.Your grade can only go up to a 75% with test corrections.Test correction directions are available at


Grading Policy:

        I encourage you to check your grades online, if I have made an error please let me know immediately.

        Grades in this class will be determined by a point system.Each assignment will be assigned a point total.

PARTICIPATION: is a required portion of this class and therefore a portion of each lab grade. Since there are groupís for labís attendance is crucial. Much of the labs are dissection so be sure to have a baggie of gloves in your backpack regularly.


98% and up
























FINALS: There will be cumulative exams at the end of each semester.These exams will account for 10% of your semester grade.


Academic Integrity: Cheating, which includes plagiarism, is defined as representing any work that is not your own original work as your work. This includes using another student's work from a previous year, this year, looking at another student's test, work copied and pasted from the internet or other published material, etc. All work turned in must be in your own words. There are no joint assignments, meaning your lab group may not split up sections and then all copy those sections. . You may consult with other students if the specific assignment calls for this, but your work must be original. Any cell phones out during a test will result in a zero and must be picked up by a parent.. CHEATING WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT.

                  The PHS academic integrity code will be strictly enforced in this class.There is vastly more to lose than to gain.The minimum result from any form of cheating will be zero credit for that assignment or test.


Extra Help:

        If you do not understand, something covered in class or in the readings make sure to see me for extra help.The sooner you identify your confusion and come for help the better.

        I am available for help during tutorial and usually before school.Let me know when youíre coming so we donít miss each other. You will be able to find me in Room 26 unless 2nd period is the first of the day then I will be in rm 28.


Organization: Required Binder Set-Up:


Please email Mrs. Chamberlain at both student and parent email information. When you email me include your name, class and period in the subject blank. If your student has ant special needs please include these in the email. I will email you within the first two weeks of school to inform you grades are updated online and your student has their passwords. Please feel free to contact me with concerns or comments. I look forward to having an exciting school year with you.


Mrs. Chamberlain


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