Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus 2012.13




This syllabus is tentative, I add or delete activities as I see fit for the students best learning experience.




Web Links

Introduction: Language and dissection


Intro to Lab and Lab Safety

Language of Anatomy,

Organ systems Overview w/Cat & Human specimens/models/diagrams


Anatomic Position +

Molecules and Systems

Tissues focusing on the Integumentary System

Microscope/measurement revisited

Tissues of the Body

Skin microscopy

Hair Forensics Lab


Field of View Activity

To review at home go to this tissue site

 Integumentary System

Skin Receptors

Skeletal System

Overview of the skeleton

Axial skeleton/human bones

Appendicular skeleton/human bones

Articulations & Body movements: Joint Lab

Bone Forensics Lab

Development/Physiology of bones 

Bones of the human body 

Great site for bone joints. See surgery

Great Skull Web site

Bones of the body


Muscular System

Muscle tissue ultra structure

Gross anatomy w/cat & human dissection

Muscle Physiology

Go here for a great tutorial on muscle actions

Review the muscle locations on the Human 

go to Berkeley High's cat muscle dissection pages.

Teen Body Building

Muscle Physiology

Nervous System (PNS and CNS)

Nervous system cells/tissues

Central Nervous system: sheep brains dissection

Neurotransmitter activity

Lorenzo’s Oil (movie) if time permits

The Band Played On (movie) if time permits

Neurotransmission with and without alcohol

The Brain: An Online Exploration

The Nervous System Online textbook

The Nervous System Online

Spinal cord tracts mapped

Probe the brain activity online




















Anatomy of Endocrine system dissection

Hormone Project


Biological Clock


Endocrine System  

Endocrine organs & diabetes

Cardiovascular System and Blood

Blood Tests and Microscopy

Anatomy of Heart dissection

Cardiac Physiology Human

ECG is technology is available

Heart Bypass if time

Blood Spatter Analysis Forensics


Hematocrit simulation 1

Hematocrit simulation 2

Circulatory System 

Heart Anatomy



Immune and Lymphatic systems

Pink Disease

Emerging Disease Project


Atlas of the Lymphatic system

Site for fake snot and boogers

Infection Protection and Detection

Anatomy of a Splinter


Respiratory (If time)

Anatomy of Respiratory system

Respiratory physiology

Respiratory system

Respiratory organs/function




Anatomy of Digestive system dissection

Digestive Enzyme Assay

Digestive System & Physiology of Digestion

Digestive system 

Digestion & Calories



Anatomy of the Urinary system

Urinalysis (simulated specimens)

Drug Testing Forensics lab


Bladder, kidneys anatomy

Reproductive or Embryology if time

Anatomy of Reproductive system


Reproductive anatomy

Reproductive physiology


Final Project:

Crime Scene

Entomology lab