REFLEX ARC MICROSLIDE LAB                        Name: _______________________ Period:____ Date: ____

Read the front page and take notes:



Slide 1 and 2. Define and draw a Pacinian corpuscle. Label specific characteristics and functions





Based on your drawing and reading, is the pacinian corpuscle sensitive to light touch?

Where does the reflex arc begin?

Slide 3 Draw a spinal ganglion. Label traits and functions.

What is a ganglion and what does it do?



Slide 4: Identify




Slide 5. Draw the butterfly shaped spinal cord section. Label names and functions of the gray and white matter.

What is the purpose of the membrane indicated by the arrow or the clear canal in the center of the cord?


Slide 6. What are sensory neurons? Where are they located? Define motor and association nerves.

Slide 7 Draw and label the names and functions.






Slide 8: How does the reflex arc get transferred to the muscle?