Nervous System Review


  1. Identify the two anatomical divisions of the nervous system.


  1. Identify the two functional divisions of the nervous system.



  1. Name the type of neuron that transmits information from receptors to the CNS.


  1. Name and explain the difference between the two branches of the motor neurons. Use heart rate in your example.


  1. What is white matter versus gray matter?


  1. What are bundles of neuron processes in the CNS called versus the PNS?


  1. Identify three general characteristics of neurons that do not include their anatomy.



  1. Identify the four types of glial cells and explain their function.






  1. Myelination of nerve cells in the PNS is the job of the :



  1. Typically where are multipolar neurons located in the nervous system? What role do they play?


  1. Typically where are bipolar and unipolar neurons located in the nervous system? What role do they play?




  1. What do efferent and afferent mean as they apply to the organization of the nervous system?


  1. Draw a reflex arc for an autonomic response. Label all players and their functions.








  1. What is a monosynaptic reflex? Name an example.


  1. Describe Babinskis sign.


  1. The rough endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes are arranged sp as to produce small bodies called: _________________ .


  1. Depolarization of a neuronal membrane is due to the movement of ____________


  1. A neuron that has as its primary function the job or action of connecting other neurons is called
  2. Would a substance that decreases membrane permeability to sodium _________ the probability of generating a nerve impulse. (increase or decrease)


  1. In what ways does the interior surface of a membrane of a resting (non conducting) neuron differ from the external surface?


For the following questions use the word bank:

action potential                   depolarization               refractory period           repolarization                stimulus                  hyperpolarization          threshold








On the diagram draw out the sequence of events when the action potential reaches the axon terminal and sends a signal to start an action on the next target cell. Label everything you can think of including the types of transports used at the presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons.