Immune system Coloring Code: 122,123,124,125,128 extra credit 126,127 (I can ask questions from these pages) Please define the functions of each of these on this paper and staple all these coloring pages and Ch 12 Reading Questions 1-17 typed.

Microorganism: Black

Complement: Dark Red

Phagocyte: Gray

Antigen: Yellow and Orange

B Lymphocyte: Medium Green                                                            

Lymphocyte Undifferentiated: Light Green

T lymphocyte (Immature): Light Blue

T Lymphocyte (Mature):  Medium Blue

Lymphocytic Stem Cell: Pink

T Cell (Pre):  Light Purple

Natural Killer Cell: Yellow

B Memory Cell: Dark Green

Plasma Cell: Turquoise (Blue and Green)

Antibody: Turquoise (Blue and Green)

T Lymphocyte: Dark Blue

T Memory Cell : Dark Purple

Helper Cell: Orange

Cytotoxic Cell: Red

Plasma Cell :  Pink