Science Mini-Posters:

The College Board recommend the use of "min" posters in order to facilitate:

1. the sharing of information

2. increased comprehension on subject matter

3. creating opportunities for growth as scientists and writers


We will use these posters ina variety of ways, sometimes in place of formal lab reports and other times in conjunction.

You must use the “headings with prompts” on your group board.

This first website shows you examples of mini-posters out of folders. We wil also use our poster pads..

Rubric pdf(we will use this rubric) MiniPoster Rubric (google doc)

Headings with prompts pdf (please use this sheet for your titles) MiniPoster Headers (google doc)

Example of a mini-poster     pdf       MiniPoster Sample (google doc)

Additional Webpages with helpful information and examples: