Scientists learn from one another through reading each other's literature. A valuable tool that you need to know how to use in college and perhpas afterwards. In order to find an article you may try the internet or be OLD FASHIONED and GO TO THE PUBLIC LIBRARY!

List of links to research journals online



Article Review/Book Reviews will be due on the following dates: 



Date Due

Book Review #1

 Your Choice/ Extra Credit

Last Friday in September

Article Review #2


Last Friday in October

Article Review #3

Cell Reproduction (Extra Credit)

Last Friday in November

Article Review #4


Friday before Finals

Article Review #5

Prokaryotes (Extra Credit)

Last Friday in February

Article Review #6

Evolution: Mechanisms

Last Friday in March

Article Review #7**

Bioethics (Extra Credit**)

The day of the AP Exam

**(Note: students taking the AP Exam are exempt from #7 Article Review, if you do not take the AP Exam you must complete Article Review #7 and a research paper).


Article Review Write-ups

Please include the following: Authors Name (s), "Title of Article", Publication Title, Date, Volume, Page Numbers.  (Either includes a copy of the article or the URL.)

The Article Review write-up requires a summary of the article, 1-2 typed pages. Analyses could include why the research is important, how has it added to our knowledge, how has it changed/or updated the textbook, and any criticisms of the work. Grades are based on your understanding of the article and the ability to express your understanding in writing. (Yes, spelling and grammar count.) Articles must be about original research, news excerpts or news briefs are not acceptable